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The first online platform for Bulgarian Dancing and Folklore.

Beautiful and vibrant, the Bulgarian culture is unique and highly valued all over the world.

This website aims to introduce people of all ages to the wonderful world of Bulgarian Folklore. Here, there’s something for everyone – both for the aspiring dancers who are yet to begin their first round dance and for the dancing veterans, who are intimately familiar with the intricacies of Bulgarian Folklore. Every day brings along a new lesson, new beauty and new possibilities to touch to the very soul of the dance.

Even though Bulgarian folk dances are intended for group performances, lessons and training sessions can be held both in groups and individually, from the comfort of one’s home. And this is precisely what our platform will help you achieve! Our teachers will present you with live video digital lessons, suitable for people of all ages. If you happen to be busy or unable to attend the live lessons, don’t worry – we also upload all content to our online library!

With this creation of this website, we are working to preserve the Bulgarian Folklore and cultural dances for the coming generations. With the help of our specialized tutors, Bulgarian Steps will allow you to fully experience the spirit of the Bulgarian cultural tradition and its rich history. Additionally, we’ll also do our best to explain the origin of our dances and show you how they tie into the “bigger picture”.

Bulgarian Steps helps you learn Bulgarian Folk Dancing in the comfort of your own home, away from any and all distractions or disruptive elements. If you happen to miss any of our sessions, you can always watch a recording.

Dancing brings about a plethora of health and mental benefits, help you fight stress, elevate your mood and present you with a quick and fun form of light physical exercise. Forget needing to travel to a specific location, rushing for schedules or worry about setbacks. Just sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of Bulgarian Folklore!


Join us today and:

Deepen your understanding of Bulgarian Folklore
Improve your health and wellbeing
Live a healthier and happier life.
Leave stress in the past.
Lift your spirits and learn how to cheer up your loved ones effortlessly
Enjoy the unique and authentic atmosphere of our traditional heritage
Master the most famous Bulgarian folk dances and learn about the various schools they come from
Build your confidence as a dancer and take the lead during celebrations and special occasions

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Bulgarian Steps – Bulgarian Folklore, Dances and Traditions

Bulgarian Steps – Bulgarian Folklore, Dances and Traditions

Bulgarian folklore, like the folklore of most countries, can be traced all the way back to the “ancient” times. It is an amalgamation of ancient beliefs and Christian theology, topped off with a pinch of “modern era” ideas. As all “folklore”, it changed as our people did. It evolved into what our people needed at the given period time. It did its part in preserving Bulgarians as a culture and a nation. 
Nestinari – The Mystical Bulgarian Firewalkers

Nestinari – The Mystical Bulgarian Firewalkers

Nestinarstvo, also known as "the Bulgarian fire-walking ritual", is an interesting tradition, observed mostly in villages across the Southeastern parts of the country, near Stranja mountain. The ritual is always held on the 3rd of June, which according to Orthodox Christian tradition is the day of saints Constantine and Helen.
Eniovden – More Than Your Usual Summer Solstice Celebration

Eniovden – More Than Your Usual Summer Solstice Celebration

In Bulgaria, Eniovden is celebrated on the 24th of June. This coincides with the Orthodox holiday, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, as well as the Summer Solstice (or Midsummer, as it is more commonly referred to in the west).


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