Bulgarian Steps is a platform that has been set up to help Bulgarian people and foreigners all around the world to learn the traditional Bulgarian dances. There will be two platforms: one for Bulgarian people, and one for English speakers anywhere in the world.


The idea and the whole organisation is set up by Antoaneta Tsocheva. The website has been created by Dayana Nikolova and Fome Agency. Antoaneta Tsocheva has paid for the website, for the team that created the website and other marketing expenses.


There will be 2 instructors providing dance classes on a weekly basis: Daniela Georgieva doing 4 lessons for adults, and Georgi doing 2 lessons for adults and 2 lessons for children.


After a few months, when we’ve got enough to cover the expenses for marketing and website support as well as legal expenses, we will open a separate bank account for Bulgarian Steps as well as an Independent Company and a PayPal account. We will also legally formalise this arrangement.


The suggestion for a share in the business is: 30% to go for Antoaneta, 20% to go to Dayana, 25% to go to Daniela and 25% to go to Georgi. We will organise weekly meetings to share the PayPal state and balance. The CEO is Antoaneta and if you want to suggest a change, we will organise a vote to make a decision.


To perform, to be friendly and professional. Prepare the lessons in advance, provide your weekly schedule in advance so that people know what you are performing. When we have an open evening, to answer questions and help everyone to understand the steps.

Toni and Dayana will promote the business through their extensive connections, SEO and social media platforms.

Daniela and Georgi agree that they will not try to take clients away from Bulgarian Steps to work with them privately. Daniela and Georgi also agree not to set up any business that competes with Bulgarian Steps.

If there’s any issues, always report to Antoaneta.

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