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As digital technology advances further and further into the future, we spend more and more time chained to the computer screen, leave social gatherings and folk tradition behind. But just because our ancestors didn’t have access to the wonders of modern technology doesn’t mean that we should forsake our Folklore and heritage. When it comes to traditions, and traditional dancing, the “new” and the “old” are by no means mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, we’d argue that it’s quite the opposite! We believe that we should do everything in our power to preserve the spirit of Bulgarian Folklore, and modern technology is the key to doing that.

We have created this website to help Bulgarians, along with everyone around the world, to experience the true nature of Bulgarian folk and dance.

About Bulgariansteps

Even though our activities are primarily focused on our digital platform, Bulgarian Steps also possesses a physical office in London, at 196 Lancaster Road, London, EN2 0JH


Bulgarian Steps operates on a subscription model, with a monthly fee of £14.95. You can enjoy the full extent of our platform with no limitations. All lessons are recorded and stored in our digital library, allow you to revisit or download them at your leisure.


Our lessons are held online, using live video. All subscribers can tune in and participate live as we all as browse the recordings at a later date.

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Our mission

The team behind Bulgarian Steps works to preserve the spirit of Bulgarian Folklore for the coming generations.

Beautiful and filled with meaning, the Bulgarian folk traditions are valued and appreciated all across the world. Dramatically different from the most modern dancing schools, the traditional Bulgarian dances deserve to be treasured and remembered for their intricacy and cultural significance.

And, even though a large number of Bulgarians find themselves leaving the country for greener pastures, this shouldn’t mean that they have to leave behind their cultural heritage. On the contrary – Bulgarian Folklore has its roots in facing, dealing with and overcoming obstacles, in never backing down and never giving up. The songs, dances and legends tell a tale of brave and persistent people, willing to whatever it takes to achieve happiness. And we believe that this is something of vital importance, especially in the world of today.

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