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Bulgarian folk dancing presents you with a unique combination of vibrant colours and spiritual motifs, passed down for generations. These dances embody the spirit of Bulgaria. The hardships, passions, dreams, strengths and struggles of our ancestors are intertwined within them. It has been a part of our cultural past for hundreds of years and it has embedded itself within the very spirit of the Bulgarian people. And, according to many, it was exactly thanks to this spirit that the country has managed to survive through its struggles. These very songs and dances are what inspired and supported Bulgarians in their quest for a brighter and better future.

Depending on the economic and social conditions, on the historical destiny, on the geographical position, the very way of life, each nation acquires specific features, which are most vividly expressed in its creativity, in its folklore.

Dances are an essential part of the general folk culture and bear a large portion of its intrinsic characteristics. They are the thing which most clearly represents the temperament of the people. In some places, the songs and dances are fast, in others – playful, in others yet, they’re calm and smooth. Some locations emphasise upper body movements, some – the arms, others – the shoulders. The rhythmic richness and the inexhaustible variety of figures and steps in our folk dances, their musical accompaniment – vocal or instrumental, their witty naming conventions and the place they take in the life of our people are evidence of rich creativity and high artistic qualities.

History of Traditional Bulgarian Folk Dancing

Bulgarian folklore is an exceptional collection of spiritual wealth built over centuries by the Bulgarian national genius. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by scientists, travellers, folklorists, diplomats, ethnographers, artists and writers, who’ve passed through Bulgaria and observed or worked in it. In their travelogues, scientific papers, notes and paintings they have reflected their impressions, amazement and surprise at the richness, diversity and originality of Bulgarian folk songs, dances, music and traditional costumes. The performance styles, the grips, the various rhythms, the original instruments, the steps and the movements of the dances.

One of the oldest pieces of Bulgarian literature – the church manuscripts, sadly provide us very scarce bits of information about the Bulgarian folk dances and dances. The church was, at the time, not too kindly to these types of spiritual expression, and was, more often than not, willing to rebuke them.

Instead, the majority of our folklore has been preserved thanks to word-of-mouth and “folk wisdom”. During the Bulgarian Revival period, with the increase of national self-consciousness due to the national liberation movement, they proved absolutely vital for the development of the Bulgarian ethnographic science, as well as for searching and collecting documents for folk songs and dances.

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BULGARIAN FOLK DANCINGWhy should everyone join the dance?

First and foremost, because it helps in dealing with the stress. We live in a highly stressful environment and most of us are almost always in a hurry. Dancing helps you relax and just “be”. Furthermore, it also helps you immerse yourself in the ancient folklore traditions of a country that you might have not even heard of before. As trivial as that may sound, it’s actually quite liberating. And again – who wouldn’t enjoy a healthy dose of spiritual liberation nowadays?

Through dancing, you also get to meet a ton of new people, all of which share the same passion and the same interest. You get to acquire new knowledge, to see the world through different eyes and to master something wonderful. And, of course, it also helps you get a quick and easy workout. It might not be quite as exhausting as a long gym session, but it’s every bit as effective when it comes to keeping your blood pumping and your body toned.

Discover the magic of Bulgarian folk dancing and join the growing Bulgarian Steps family today!

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